Natural mano Ragmar de TED Palmelato cuero de BAKER Bolso 5I8pwfxqx

Natural mano Ragmar de TED Palmelato cuero de BAKER Bolso 5I8pwfxqx


mano Ragmar BAKER TED de Palmelato Natural de Bolso cuero




"The first thing I think about when I am designing a poster is WHO I am going to help"

How can I improve the problems that affect everyone and our planet?. For me it is very important and a great responsibility to communicate through a poster, the problems and situations that need to be notorious and solutions to be modified. I have two ways to raise them, first criticized and then the solution, study seriously the issues that will be developed so that my message is loud and clear, so that people grasp, do not forget their discretion and act in a appropriate.

For me, a poster has a very significant importance, is a graphical tool that besides being attractive, but its function is not decorative, makes us think and reflect on various topics, such as human rights, gender equality and ecological issues among many others, in terms of improving this world that is becoming more violent, difficult and chaotic. One of the important points is to combine the potent power of photography and design to create posters of social topics, to show so convincing of what I want to expose.


Kathiana Cardona - Venezuela Designer & photographer

Sponsored by
BAKER cuero Bolso Natural de de Ragmar TED mano Palmelato

CAMPAÑAS DE EDUCACIÓN en favor del civismo y los derechos humanos

We conduct Educational Campaigns  in favor of civism & Human rights using design & other cultural manifestations.


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